Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boost?

Boost is a 3-day conference hosted by W+R Studios, creators of the Cloud Agent Suite, designed exclusively for MLS Staff members who Train or Support Cloud Agent Suite's products - Cloud CMA, Cloud Streams, or Cloud MLX

Who can attend Boost?

We can't say it enough. This event is for MLS staff - NOT execs. Support, Training or Education staff members can attend Boost.

How much does it cost?

Previous Boost attendees will get a special link to get their return ticket for only $499 (that's over 20% off retail). For 1st time Boosters, the ticket price will be $599:

Your ticket includes:
- Full Summit access
- Two-night stay at the Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel
- All meals during the program
- Evening entertainment

What does it not include?
- Travel to and from Huntington Beach, CA
- Parking at the Shorebreak Hotel

And yes, you read it right… W+R Studios will take care of your Hotel stay and ALL meals - so what are you waiting for?

Why attend Boost?

Boost is a unique opportunity for MLS Staff Members (Support and/or Training) to come together and get hands-on experience with Cloud Agent Suite products. Our goal at W+R Studios is to help you better serve your membership when it comes to Cloud Agent Suite products. Let us help you, help your members.

Which airport should I fly into?

John Wayne International Airport (SNA) is the closest airport to W+R Studios' Headquarters. Approximately a 20 minute drive. Click the map below for driving directions

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the second closest airport to W+R Studios' Headquarters. Approximately a 1 hour drive. Click the map below for driving directions

Who is W+R Studios?

W+R Studios are the creators of the Cloud Agent Suite. It began in 2008, with its flagship product, Cloud CMA, launching in 2010. Now with over 4 products, 400,000 customers, and 350+ MLS relationships, W+R Studios is committed to empowering MLS Staff Members to better support/train on their Cloud Agent Suite products.

Where is the pre-written email I can send my boss convincing them to let me go?

Here you go! Simply copy and paste this message, enter their name and yours, and voila! We'll see you at Boost: MLS Staff Summit in August.

Hi <insert boss's name here>,

W+R Studios - the creators of the Cloud Agent Suite - is hosting an MLS Staff Summit, August 14-16, and I'd like to attend.

The event is called "Boost" and designed specifically for MLS Staff Members, like me, to learn directly from Cloud Agent Suite Support and Training staff on how to better support our members on their products (Cloud CMA, Cloud Streams, Cloud MLX).

By attending this event, I will not only gain knowledge from the Cloud Agent Suite staffers, but will get to share insights and tips and tricks with MLS Support and Training staff members from around the country!

The tickets start at $549 and include room and board! This event is limited to only a certain number of attendees so I need to act fast as ticket prices will go up. Please let me know your thoughts and whether or not I am approved to purchase my ticket and transport.

Your loyal [Support/Training] Staff Member, <insert your name here>.

Additional Questions?  Email Us Boost: MLS Staff Summit is being held by W+R Studios - Makers of the Cloud Agent Suite